Interview With Moji of Kelele Takatifu

Kelele Takatifu is a popular Gospel duo from Kenya made up of Didi (Silvanus Otieno) and Moji “Short Babaa.’ They are song writers and performers who also have an interest in video production and photography.

Thanks to their comical and witty lyrics, they have gained themselves a loyal fan base within the East African region. They released their debut album, Ndoto Za Kupaa, on September 6th 2015. Shedeur Kimutai, our Kenyan correspondent, caught up with Moji and this is what he had to say: 

Hi Moji, tell us your real name, the one the government recognizes.

My real name is John Muhia. 

At what age did you start doing music?

I have loved music since I was young and I was writing songs by the age of 12. I recorded my first track during my first year of high school and I have felt at home since.

Which artists in Kenya and beyond have inspired you the most?

 Every stage of my life demanded different kinds of inspiration from different artists, but I can say, Rufftone, Juliani and Tupac have inspired me greatly. 

What genre of music do you do? 

I consider myself a hip hop artist but I am open to exploring other genres. Lingala and Raga are some of the genres I have experimented with. I cannot completely confine myself to a specific genre. In today’s ever-changing world, we need to minister to people from all walks using a language they understand best.

How do you balance your personal life and music career? 

I have not always found it easy to strike a balance between my personal life and my career as a musician. I have learned over a period how to manage my time effectively. To an artist busy is relative. I tell people I am busy because I need to spend time alone in order to search for inspiration from within. People should not catch feelings because they have not been given hang out time. 

Have you played any concerts outside of Kenya?  

We have played several concerts in Uganda as Kelele Takatifu. The concert we played at Mavuno Church Uganda is the one that stood out for us. Besides the warm reception, it gave us renewed hope. There are young people out there who are yearning for God in a massive way.

Do you ever practice before you do a show? 

Yes, Didi and I practice before we do a show. One has to be creative and always ready to perform. We don’t have a systematic order of how we will perform but we practice so that on the D-day we can be as creative as possible. It’s all about know the “how to,” and “how to break it,” without looking off. 

Is there anything you must do before you play a show…something that if you fail to do might be detrimental to a performance?

I always pray and then take time to know the crowd. Each crowd is unique and I have to know how best I can reach out to them. 

Is there anyone else in your family who can sing? 

No one else in my family can sing even if they had to do so to save their lives. I consider myself the chosen one.

If you were left in a desert, who would you hope to be with and why?

I would want my small sister to be with me. She is funny and she would push me to my limits to find a solution. 

Lastly, what can we expect from Kelele Takatifu in 2016? 

We are going to record about 3 tracks between January and April for our upcoming album. A lot of the songs on the current album have no videos so we plan to shoot as many as possible. Our hope is to get more people to Christ through our music, as humorous as it may sound. In the presence of God, there is fullness of joy. We use comic relief and laughter to make people laugh and dance. People have enough struggles. A laugh helps them forget their struggles. That is what we want. 

Click below for more information about Kelele Takatifu: 

Twitter: @keleletakatifu

Facebook: Kelele takatifu

Instagram: @keleletakatifu

Watch the music video for their hugely successful single, Itakuwa Ngori off their debut album below: 



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