Isaac Tusubira’s A World Together

Your eyes glow like fireflies, gazing into them gives me fire in my lungs-one that I’d love to have forever.

They say moments don’t last for long but you and I forever is my wish for eternity.

’cause we belong together like the sky and weather



When your hands fit in mine perfectly like water in rain, my heart is filled with joy and my smile with grin.

Like a tailor, you sow my wounded heart, wounded by those who don’t see what I see when I look into those amazing pupils- which is a life of joy with you.


You dot my iz and cross my tz, you complete me.

Who do we fool if we say we weren’t to be?


We both know that birds were meant to fly, and girl you were meant to smile.

As sure as Isaac means laughter, I’ll take you higher than the sky.


It’s true that somewhere, the sun is always shinning, and its also true that whenever I see you, my heart is always smiling.


Come away with me and let’s make a world together!


A Poem Written By: Isaac Tusubira

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