J.Clone Drops 0709

As a means of saying ‘Thank you’ to God for an added year and also to bless the hearts of his music lovers, family, friends and supporters; the Niger state born rapper and singer J.Clone put out a surprise 5 track EP titled ‘0709’ following the release of his debut project ‘African kid’.

0709 has no features. The production is done by iconic producers; Haychbeatz, ESTA and Mzone and was mixed and mastered by JB Studio Boi. 

1. Northside boi (Prod by Esta)
2. Live ready (Prod by Mzone)
3. Alright (Prod by Haychbeatz)
4. Good day (Prod by Haychbeatz)
5. Magode (Prod by Haychbeatz)

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Twitter: @JClonee

Facebook: J. Clone

Instagram: jclonee

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