Je’kob Washington, Faith Hope Love (The Eutopian Mixes)

“Faith Hope Love (The Eutopian Mixes) has been heavily influenced by my obsession with moody classical music. It contains recomposed Eutopian Mixes of 3 of the best songs from each EP in the Faith Hope Love trilogy.”


Release Date: January 14, 2013



1. A Beautiful Place (Eutopian Mix)

2. Boom Shaka Laka (Eutopian Mix)

3. Can’t Have My Soul (Eutopian Mix)

4. If I Ruled The World (Eutopian Mix)

5. Dreams (Eutopian Mix)

6. The Test (Eutopian Mix) [feat. Deraj]

7. Waiting (Eutopian Mix)

8. Love Is All (Eutopian Mix)

9. Let Go & Love (Eutopian Mix)

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