Jessyka Layado’s I Love You

I love the way you love me 

With a love so pure even undefiled

A love that does not judge

Rather forgives me despite my faults.



The way thinking of you 

Gives me butterflies in my stomach

And warms me up so much

I can’t help but smile.


The way you hold my hand

And it perfectly fits into yours.

Then we take walks which always seem so short-lived

Even when we’ve covered considerable distance.


The way your eyes light up when we talk

Your gaze drawing me in

Like windows to your soul

And you tell me your mind toward me

How you love, cherish even treasure me.


I don’t know what I did to deserve you

But the way you protect me makes me know

You are all I ever wanted and so much more

And I’m confident that you would never intentionally hurt me!


It did not even occur to me to love you

No, it just happened. 

Over time my heart grew fond of you

And the feeling just kept growing.


Each day that passes by, even when am sure

That I cannot possibly love more than I already do,

I grow more in love with you

Effortlessly, so naturally; I love you!


Loving never came too easy for me

Cuz you see my heart has been tossed and trampled on

Then you came along

And added a perfectly beautiful twist to my story.



They say all men come for a reason:

Some come to restore.

You are my restorer and with everything in me 

I totally and dearly Love you.


Written By: Jessyka Layado

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