Josh SB, Kamanzi, and Ruyonga Raced Against Time

“I met Kamanzi at the Sold Out Conference in January by the Collective. We had a chat that sparked a certain musical and spiritual excitement for both of us,” says Josh SB.

Months later they linked up in studio with Ruyonga and started sharing experiences, testimonies and opinions about God’s love.

“Kamanzi has this magic pencil that hangs on her left ear after school. I gave her a piece of paper and told her to write what was on her mind.”

They had 3 hours to write and record the song.

“It was the only time we had to put the song together, because Kamanzi is in school and has a tight schedule. I worked with every artist’s strength,” says Josh. “Kamanzi is a free-spirited soul singer.  I let her express herself without limiting her to fit the hip-hop dance element of the track. I thank Kamanzi’s parents for trusting me with her for this project.”

All Josh had to do was simplify her vocal performance to fit the laidback vibe he was going for.

“Kamanzi is professional beyond her years,” says Ruyonga. “She knows exactly how and what to deliver. She is one of the best vocalists either one of us has ever worked with.”

It was quite easy for Josh and Ruyonga to come up with the rap verses.

“Working with Josh is always guaranteed excellence. He’s a perfectionist. He will take his time to get the product right. He understands urgency. He’s not haphazard,” Ruyonga says.

Josh banked on everyone’s strength and they were able to deliver.

“We made good use of the time we had. It was a test of speed, flexibility, creativity and musicianship,” says Josh.

By the end of the session they had a song written. And the title was “Always”.

| Josh SB – Always ft Kamanzi & Ruyonga | Download Here |

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