K-Ben – Jostile ft. Genious Drey

K-Ben has released another song titled Jostile, it has a powerful message behind it and is filled with a wealth of encouragement and hope. He features producer and artist, Genious Drey.

We had to ask him to personally provide the intro to this review, and he says “Jostile simply means wherever you go!! Since music is art, I chose to blend ma mother tongue lugisu, wth luganda to come up wth one word. It was during my time of distress last year after I had been betrayed by those I had given alot for and I honestly didnt knw what to do. I sat in studio wth my friend and producer Genious Drey late at night and he made the beat. In the process, I rememberd the words my mama told me on her death bed shortly before she died… “Trust and walk with God and also read your books” thats all she asked of me. With a heavy heart, the word #Jostile came into my mind and I wrote and recorded that song that same night and the rest is histiory. I told Genious Drey to sing in Ateso because I wanted something unique and so we could reach a larger territory.”

K-Ben – Jostile ft. Genious Drey | DOWNLOAD HERE

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