Kenyan Airways Riddim

With a lot of excitement I have been looking out for this “Kenyan-Uganda” reggae-dancehall riddim, so I caught up with Kenya’s Dafari & Suz-eye and with Uganda’s Philla…and they shared some thoughts on this riddim buzz…



1.  How did you come up with the idea and what inspired you?

Inspiration was straight from KING JESUS all the way, the idea has been there to bring all anointed Gospel dancehall artists together for a project but how to do so was the issue, so one day a producer friend of mine from the U.K “EDWARD” linked me up with that vision so I picked it up and ran with it, I sampled my greatest generals in KENYA and UGANDA.

2. Time and date of release?

The YouTube deejay mix was released today (21st January 2013) and the songs will be released on 28th January 2013

He further goes to declare “It’s a full JESUS riddim…so King JESUS is the message on it…straight bullets against the devil straight…”

“It’s a pure international riddim produced, mixed and mastered in the U.K by RIDDIM CULTURE RECORDS by producer Edward Holland…”

“Personally the project is full of the anointing all through.”

3. You as Dafari what do you have to say about the riddim?

It’s going to be a world sell off in JESUS Name…Thanks…I hope i gave you enough info…keep doing it for KING JESUS world wide…MORE LIFE



1. What do you have to say about the Kenyan airwaves riddim?

When you listen to it, it’s a mix of Kenyan and Jamaican sound which makes it original.

However when they sent me the riddim, I didn’t know it was serious and besides I had much things to record but Dafari kept reminding me till I did so. It’s a fast riddim with pure dancehall talent every artiste ina dem bonafide style. I bless Jesus and it’s a challenge to my Ugandan brothers and sisters that more growth is needed.

2. What are your expectations of this riddim?

With the anointing of the riddim after jubilee which is a season of favor, the sky is the limit.

3. What’s the message in ‘greater love’ your song on the riddim?

The message of a man laying down his life for another, exhorting others over ourselves. If we acted love, there would be no problems since Jesus sets our pace.



1. Expectations

Glory to God 1st for this, where the ministers featured apart from being anointed have a deep passion for GOD and the kingdom business.

The expectation and I can echo is revival through the gospel dancehall/reggae music. Through it lives will be changed, transformed, healed, restored, renewed, the broken made whole, hopeful that is what the gospel is about and at the end make Disciples of Christ. (Isaiah 61:1)

2. What do you have to say about the album?

What I can say about the riddim that it is all about Jesus and no other.

We are just mere vessels He has chosen to use, taking the good news to the people and using riddim culture (UK) to make it possible.

BLESS, Suz-Eye Warrior



1. DAFARI – Kenyan airways

2. PHILLA – Greater love

3. SUZ-EYE – Glory to God

4. HOPE KID – Designer JEANS

5. IVLYN – Sond the alarm

6. MISTA GOOGZ – Jesus

7. TING SEH – Give Thanks

8. PASTOR SAMUKAT – Wonders and signs

First ever 100% Kenyan and Ugandan gospel dancehall riddim, produced by RIDDIM CULTURE (UK)

Listen here to the riddim:





Written By: Ninno Jack Jr

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