Kimi Katiti Shares Her Journey And New EP

I was formerly known as Nyonyozi, but I now go by my nickname and surname, Kimi Katiti. Many of my friends and family refer to me as Kimi. The decision was based off a desire for transparency and authenticity.

I released my first song when I was 18 titled, “Bread of Life.” It was a collaborative project between me and my brother Quincy Katiti. I was pleased with the achievement.

My understanding at that point in time made me think I had to accomplish much while I was young. God showed me it wasn’t about the novelty of age or the spotlight.

He ushered me into a season of service in the church while I put my attention towards education. My desire shifted from material accomplishments and accolades.

During that season, I learned what the ultimate win with my music was. It’s pointing people to the source of joy, Jesus Christ. As counteractive as it would seem to the outsider, it has made me a better creator. I find true joy in my work.

Studying Audio Production

I am studying at the Art Institutes of California-Hollywood, pursuing a BSc in Audio Production. Tackling the technical aspects of sound recording, has been testing to say the least. While it’s been challenging, I’ve maintained a 4.0 GPA, and loved every second of the struggle!

I knew with a conviction God had called me to pursue this course for higher education. So, I pushed myself to attend as many tutoring sessions as possible.

I applied myself to school assignments, and helped fellow students with their production projects. I also volunteered in production work at church.

The payoff was not overnight, but I’m at a place where I can clearly express my odd song arrangements. Through that uphill battle I engineered, produced, and mixed my new EP, Super Cheating.

The Super Cheating EP

The notion of being the true me is knitted throughout the lyricism on Super Cheating. I titled my new EP, Super Cheating as a play on the phrase, “Favor ain’t fair”.

God’s favor has been evident since I moved to California in 2013. He has put people in my life without whom, I do not know where I would be.

I call my family almost daily. They are my biggest support. When the going gets rough, their advice and input is unparalleled. My LA (Los Angeles) church family are Jesus’ hands and feet in my life. Their love and care have kept me going.

No matter what city or country you live in, get connected to a church and become involved in the community. Volunteer. I guarantee you that your life will grow beyond what you ever hoped!

Sample Kimi Katiti’s new EP, Super Cheating:


Watch the “Come Back” music video:


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