King’s African Rifle – Destined For Greatness EP

I am particularly happy that Ugandan Gospel artists are breaking away from throwing a few singles here and there with no particular plan or order of things. Elevator Music Group Member, King’s African Rifle f.k.a LG has come out with an EP called Destined For Greatness. We have the honor of bringing you a short review and downloads.

First up is ‘Can’t Stop Us.’ He is talking about JC but that’s not J-Cole. He has pretty awesome punchlines on this one. I think I love verse two more. The song is really about the hustle even without a record deal but emphasizing he is unstoppable with God on his team.

Conspiracy Theory has a disclaimer at the beginning. His take on the secret society and views will conspire with his flow to get you yearning to hear every word. Now this one is gonna be a good one for those obsessed with knowing things to do with Illuminati, the secret societies and the talk of a hidden agenda.

Now we get to the title track of this EP, Destined for Greatness. This is it. Starts with spoken word to a beat, then progresses to a very sick flow. Truth is I ain’t listening to the words no more, the beat and flow have taken over. But you don’t need to worry, he is destined for greatness and so are you.

Final one on this EP is Face The Music which features his Elevator Music crew teammates, its an older release which acts as an icing to the cake. This is the second EP out of the Elevator Music crew, the first one being Gold by Lyriczz. They have alot to deliver musically to the Gospel Hip Hop/Rap fraternity in Uganda and world over.
Download the songs below.
1. Can’t Stop Us ft. Samuel Muhumuza, Lyriczz, and Tucker HD (Beat produced by Lyriczz. Recorded at Talent Africa. Mixed/mastered by Samurai) | DOWNLOAD HERE

2. Conspiracy Theory ft. Lamar Minne (Beat produced by D.O.A. Recorded at Talent Africa. Mixed/mastered by Samurai) | DOWNLOAD HERE

3. Destined For Greatness ft. Samuel Muhumuza and Throne (Beat produced Lyriczz. Recorded at Talent Africa. Mixed/mastered by Samurai) | DOWNLOAD HERE

4. Face The Music ft. K-Bridge and Lyriczz (Beat produced by Lyriczz. Recorded at Yego. Mixed/mastered by JT) | DOWNLOAD HERE

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