Kingsley & Phila Present The Fire Fall Album Party

If every wish was attached to the word granted, this party would be mine. it all happened at Calvary chapel Kampala on the 11 november 2012. The fire fall listeners party. The feeling is still so immense, the memory so fresh as though it was yesterday.

The turn up was relative and it seemed to grow on. After kingsley and phila had hit the stage, it was evidentĀ  the cooperate listeners had instantly given up the listening and had taken to the dance floor.

It is still unbelievable to remember kingsley, phila, tickitah, Coopy Bly, Mac Elvis, Holy Kean, Morgan Isaac, Robin san, Levixone, Benon, king Kulture, and lots of other artists all on one stage!! One stage at the same time to be more exact.

Kingsley and phila ripped song by song from the first to the last live as in LIVE!!! Nothing like spitting over tracks. The fans got so lost in the sounds of mad love, zion daughter the remix, Jesus, beauty for righteousness, and then the reggae lovers were fully served.

So when is the next? Just asking.

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