Lecrae Making News In All Places

Lecrae released Anomaly and so far its the top album on itunes and number 1 on the billboard 200 chart. He has been making news for the last 3 years in mainstream media, but really he has been making news for the last decade with over 10 albums under his belt and numerous features across the Gospel music fratenrity as a whole.

I listen to lots of CHH music, and its always a joy to journey over the years listening as an artist progresses in their craft. For every piece of work the Lecrae has put out, I have felt his heart bleed through the music, and his passion for Godly living is untainted.

After the success of his Church Clothes Vol 1, Gravity and Church Clothes Vol 2, this has gained him widespread recognition on mainstream platforms and caused lots of other CHH artists to break barriers into the mainstream.

Of course there have been some people who have come up and questioned his recent progress, for the fear of him giving in and watering it down. I understand them, but I don’t quite agree that people should fear for another man, who is on a path that God has set him on. Lecrae has stayed true to his passion.

After hitting the number 1 spot on Billboard 200 for the top album within just 1 week of releasing his album “Anomaly”, making news on social media and lots of recognition on mainstream platforms. This is record breaking stuff for CHH, and of course lots to look up to for other artists in the fraternity.

Breaking barriers was always a contentious issue, the market for CHH is not just within the four walls of Church but the whole world out there that is unreached, and that’s the great commission. This is a great time for Reach Records, the 116 Unashamed family and definitley a great time for CHH.

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