Letter To Relevance

Conformity comes knocking at the door of Relevance. He asks in his all too cunning voice, ‘How will you make a difference if you do not bend the rules a little.’

Dear Relevance,

More than do, never forget to simply be! There’s a cause bigger, a purpose greater, a mighty, powerful force that is working behind you’re here and now.

Good speaks for itself, the battle is not yours. Do not, in attempting to stay, bend the rules to satisfy the status quo. Make renewal your agenda, make the word your friend. Meditate on the statutes of your maker and do not depart from His ways. Trends and current waves will sweep themselves too beautifully before you with false appeal to higher regard and greater reward but abide in the giver of living water. Look beyond flippancy, above falsehood. Stay fixed on the cause!

Be a witness, not a lawyer. Defend because you have seen, known, experienced and therefore accepted. Not because you simply hear of and know about this truth. Be open to intimate, deep and intense experiences with the maker.

Break free from titles. Release yourself from the fear of man, the exaltation and high accord of mortal above the immortal, immeasurable king on a cross. Diminish the growing need for self-approval, self-appeasement and slowly, surely murder the self. Feeding always on the truth of the gospel.

Dear relevance, you were not made to fit into the perfect mold of business as usual. The road less taken on which you tread comes with unfathomable risk, unlimited abandon, unquestionable submission, full subjection to the maker’s authority. Do not trade eternal rewards for present safety.

Dear relevance, current trends, new ideas and seasonal degeneration is not a new battle in the eyes of He who is greater. The prince of this world is strong but even greater is He who is in you, whose power conquered the grave. Power over temptation, failure, conformity, irrelevance, lack of influence. You need only to know whom to summon. Summon the one who is able when you are not. The battle to fit in and keep up appearances is not yours, yours is only to trust and obey!

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