Levixone and Hawa Live

Levixone will be in a live reggae worship concert on the 27th April 2013 at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel, He will feature artistes like Coopy Bly, Holy Keane, Exodus, Mac Elvis, Morgan Isaac, S4J, Sami K,Emron, Phila, Richie, Unique Sisters, G Way.

It’s poised to be a great night and all roads will be leading there to see the man behind the vocals of hard hitting tunes like “Nonya Omu” and “Kilooto” the show starts at 3pm and tickets go for only 10,000/=. For more information visit the event page here.

Hawa will be releasing her album “Ampadde” on May 5th At Kasanga Miracle Centre, the show will feature Exodus, Jackie, G Way, Beth, Daudi Lumu, Coopy Bly, Nakie, S4J, Patricia, Holy Keane, Mac Elvis & Ken Miziki. The show starts at 3pm and tickets go for 50,000/= for Gold, 20,000/= for silver and 5,000/= for ordinary. More details can be got from her page.

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