Life In Kabale Preparatory School By Barna Birungi

Kabale Preparatory School in the 1970s. Image courtesy of the Daily Monitor (

I grew up in Kabale district. My family was fairly well off but not as wealthy as certain families. My dad was a youth worker and teacher at Kigezi High School.

He worked under the diocese of Kigezi.  I managed to get into a school known as Kabale Preparatory School.

It was a school for the rich. Expatriates and wealthy individuals took their children to this school. I got to join because it was a diocese school.

 The kids at school talked about the cool things they owned like video games, and the posh cars their parents drove.

Others would tell of holidays their families took, to places like Germany.  I started having self-esteem issues, because I couldn’t fit in. 

I never raised my hand in class even if I was 100 percent sure of the answer. I worried that my classmates would laugh at me.

Hahaha, Barna can’t spell the word, boy.

We should all donate money so Barna can buy a dictionary. Hahaha.

 Imaginations like those cruised through my mind. I felt like there was something wrong with me.

I feared opening my snack container at break time because other students had fancy things to eat. I wish my parents were wealthy. I thought to myself.

My peers noticed that I was timid so they came up with stories to make fun of me.

“Barna said this, Barna said that.” It hurt me so bad.

 I couldn’t run to my dad because he was a disciplinarian. He was tough.  I couldn’t share my emotional struggles with him.

I felt helpless.  I was having an identity crisis. I felt I couldn’t measure up. I was doing badly.

I started hiding all that in stubbornness. I wore a mask. I tried to act funny, be rebellious, so I could hide my fears. My plan didn’t work so well. . .

I discovered that I was good at sports. I played football and athletics. I made sure to put in a good performance every time we went to the field.

My efforts paid off.  I became one of the best sportsmen in class and was celebrated as a result. Sports helped me level up.

About Barna Birungi:

Barna Birungi is an award-winning Ugandan Hip Hop artist.

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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Woww wish people in school can read this am sure there are people who are battling with such & need to hear this.
    Nice piece Barna 👌👏

  2. Grace says:

    The use of words and how vivid those memories are still stuck in your head…..
    Great piece..

  3. were best says:

    quite inspiring….life is a journey we just need to walk with God….thanks

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dope, my brother. I was there,so I know how it went down. Dope article.

  5. Barna Birungi says:

    Thanks for the responses. I highly appreciate.
    The story still continues…

  6. Linatte says:

    Having gone to the same school, I do identify with your struggles. Low self esteem is a real issue, but I am glad God has brought you this far bro.

  7. Barna says:

    Thanks fam. for the responses. I appreciate. The story still continues.

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