“There is a Lot of Sacrifice and Hard Work behind Every Success,” says Lyrical Mycheal

“Lyrical Mycheal is a passionate and motivated individual,” says Sam the founder of record label, Born Again Entertainment which partners with Mycheal. “The single “Pregnant” has been widely received. A visual seemed paramount for the benefit of him and the label.”

“The idea behind the video was to show that people with dreams have to focus on the process that’s going to make them successful,” says Mycheal. “Many people admire and celebrate the moments a champion is awarded with a trophy or winner’s medal. But they forget there is a lot of sacrifice and hard work behind every success.

In the video, two good friends want to become undisputed boxing champions like Mohammed Ali and Mayweather. They know they have to work hard and stay motivated.”

On Working with Coach Stanley:

“I believe in reality. I make music for real people with real issues. I serve a real God,” says Mycheal.

They didn’t want to look like amateurs in boxing gloves. “We had to find the right ingredients to make the video relatable. We contacted Stanley, a boxing coach, to help me and Tessa learn the moves of professional boxers.”

“I am a fitness enthusiast, but not a boxer so getting through the drills was not easy. It took a while to learn the basics and footwork.

Tessa is not used to the fitness lifestyle. She fell while we were running one day and damaged her knee. We had to arrange for her to do private drills at home two weeks before the shoot.

I learned something about how God designed our bodies. You may think you can’t do something but when you expose yourself to it and stay the course, the body adjusts itself in ways you thought weren’t possible . . .

By the time we did the shoot, people thought Tessa and I were real boxers.”

Installing The Boxing Ring:

“It cost us a lot to hire and install a boxing ring at Body Temple Gym located in Muyonyo. I bless God for Born Again Entertainment who I partner with. They were supportive with their time and resources,” says Mycheal.

“The concept was unique so the budget had to be right. The team had to be experienced,” says Sam. “I physically took part in setting up the ring which was a fun adventure. The videographer was focused and once all the apparatus was in place he took charge and got the job done as discussed.”

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