Meet Mac Elvis

Q: Who is Mac Elvis in brief?

A: Mac Elvis like I like saying is the last born of 3 boys who got to know about Christ Jesus and there fore gave his life to Him in his Primary 6 way back as a young boy in the year 1999 after watching the Heavens Gates and Hell’s Flames drama. Having been in the Church that early, I thought I was missing out on the fun outside the church so I opted to go out looking out for it elsewhere in the bars and the clubs and did everything that was in my reach at the time.


It was after I lived that way and feeling empty at the end of it all that I was ambushed by the Holy Spirit and arrested by the Grace of God that I found my self going back to church without anyone preaching to me. I finally recommitted my life to the Lord of my life Jesus Christ on Easter Monday 2003 at a First Love Music Concert, so that explains why music has been, is and will always be a part of my life. 


Born Mutalya Mac Elvis, I decided to add meaning to my Mac name after a youth fellowship I attended some time and my friend pointed out Eph. 2 that refers to believers as people who have been Made Alive in Christ. (M.A.C) I hope thats brief, ha-ha


Q: When did u start ur singing profession n 4 how long?

A: Well, i began singing way back but was able to record my first song, God so Loved on 10 feb 2006, yeah ofcourse am that particular because that really meant alot for me and was so happy excited…It so happens i had a restless night the day before i recorded because of the excitement. So that makes them about 6 Years.


Q: R u married?

A: Nop, ha ha,….Not married as yet>>>>>>


Q: Do u play some games n wc game if so?

A: Yes I have always liked soccer, I played lots of volley ball in my Junior hi school and i play Chess as well. I just swam across a pool recently when i was on mission in Jinja, I had never done that. 


Q: Of all the songs you have written and sung, which one is your favourite and why?

A: Well, I like every single song i’ve written, they are all beautiful because I am insipired diffrently but i guess Mufirako and Church Boy are very very special.


Q: Do u come from a musical background as in parents doing music?

A: My mother used to sing in the All Saints Cathedral choir and my dad, No. My eldest brother, Ivan was the greatest poet i will ever know, nurtured my talent in its early stages and was a sound man at Watoto Church before He passed. 


Q: Who is yo’ model n wats yo’ inspiration?

A: Well the good book say be ye imitators of God,…So Jesus Christ is my model…..I draw insipiration from the holy spirit, life in itself, love, wellbeing, poverty and suffering.


Q: Whats yo’ favorite scripture n y?

A: My favorite scripture should be John 1:12 because it affirms that they that received Him, He gave the right to become his children,…its a beautiful thing to know that i am a son of God….


Q: What word of encouragement w’d u love 2 send 2 the youth out their?

A: Jesus is the real deal,..What does it profit to gain the whole world and lose your soul..Save time to know Him because just like KJ52 says a life without Christ is a life that’s never fixed.


Q: And also 2 e upcoming artists?

A: What do you mean Upcoming artists because i havent done even 2% of what am supposed to do….but anyways, just follow your dream, practice your craft and rememeber it all starts and ends with prayer and fasting. Plus, dont go around doing the business of God only and forget the God of the business.


Q: Who do you do your music with, in terms of production?

A: Well i am a music producer and i do most of my stuff pretty much,..I once in a while look around for someother producers here and there.


Q: Where can we find your music? And do you have any videos out?

A: My church Boy album copies are out of stock but we are looking into making some more soon, for now thers some songs available for free downloads on . Yes I have “Yo Love” video out from my 2009, Yo Love album project and a new one we have done with Mr Jimmy kay called “i wont cry” on Youtube…Feel free to check ’em out.


Q: Which artist locally n internationly w’d u want 2 do a collabo with?

A: Marble of the silika gwe(SShhhhh) has always been that girl i would like to do stuff with because she’s so me – Musically and internationaly, Canton Jones, Deitrick Haddon & Positive would do.


Q: If we wanted you at an event how would we get in touch with you?

A: Usually People find it easy to call +256 751 700 000, and since its a dot com era, I cant deny the fact that i have been booked on email as well and


Q: How did you find out about WeMix?

A: Are you sure you asked that? My friends and fans baptised me Jajja di Game which means i somehow get to know most of the cool things happening. Wemix is part of  them.


Q: Any final words?

A: Well, I really want to thank wemix for this opportunity to share with my people of what God has done and is still doing in my life, would like to thank all my friends and fans that have loved & supported me always over the years. I ask that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will continue to bless and make you a blessing now and forever Amen.



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