Migisha Boyd’s You See

I sat here wondering

I wanted a poem that’s thundering

One that would reflect wit

And yet still stand for the gist


You see my sister

Your hair flows like William branch

And after that Easter

You’re heir and a worthy branch


You see my dear

You sometimes pant for mountain dew

And just like the deer

Mukama the good one gives you two


You see the world watches from afar

To see you live your testimony out

And sometimes your work may not be at par

But the Lords grace calls you like a tout


You see I heard hillsong sing

Then I remembered you killing the national anthem

In key G-minor-seven-something

And I saw the spirit teaching you to better them


You see sometimes I yawn

Then I wonder if you’re around your hall

But I remember luli I got from you a loan

So I just get a chindazi and eat it whole (-_-)


You see when we’re praying in cell

I hear you sometimes struggle with English

But my 6 years in mbarara can tell

That English after all makes the tongue ticklish


So you see my sister

I love you first Corinthians 13 style

And even when you find your mister

I pray his leaves you not even a while


A Poem Written By: Migisha Boyd

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