New Testament’s Music Ministry: The Art Of Worshipful Hip Hop.

New Testament,  aka Kitonde Kiggya [Luganda for “New Creation] is  both a fresh and refreshing Gospel act on the music scene, who has won the hearts of many in the industry.

 “New Testament raps Scripture,” has been a common remark from his most ardent fans. His hit “Virtuous Woman” is a musical rendition and expression of Proverbs 31, which describes the ideal godly wife. The song has, according to testimonies shared with him apparently blessed people to the extent of affecting the state of affairs in their marriages. Call it restoration!


His artful rap over the beat is a switch between fast track speech and slowed articulation of quoted Scripture and deep revelations from therein. You get to hear a man who believes in what he’s quoting. This combination produces a radical overall message in his music. Show me a New Testament performance and I will show you loud and sharp screams from the crowd at every punch line he makes. Or did I mention, that every line is a punch line, in his flow? Oh yes it is! Call him a hip hop preacher, and I bet he wouldn’t raise his hand to correct you. His music is Christ exalting, believer edifying, and sinner convicting! The articulation of deep spiritual truth is striking.

This is a new covenant believer expressing new covenant faith. This is pure hip hop that is at the same time decorated with worshipful feeling. Words of intimacy with the Savior are uttered, as well as victory terminology. If you won’t hip hop with him, you will certainly worship with him!

The constant smile on the young man’s countenance during performances is a charismatic element that pulls you closer in to listen.

His social media posts also clearly portray a young man bearing a huge testimony about God’s Grace and freedom from legalistic Christianity. He’s a free soul floating without gravity. That alone–the expression of freedom in Christ is an added element of attraction to the artiste’s music and message.

Zoe by New Testament | Download

Virtuous Woman by New Testament | Download

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