Nsuubira – The Concept

My team and I developed a concept for the “Nsuubira” music video a few weeks before shooting. We went to the video producer of Ebony Hue and shared the concept. Which he liked and tweaked a little.

After final discussions with him, we begun site seeing and got a great venue. We were excited with the final concept or so we thought.

A promoter was added to the team and she asked about the concept. We shared it and she opened our eyes to the fact that, the concept was so common. The video would be like any other.

We all got back to the drawing board and came up with a fresh new concept. We run with it and shot the video within a week. I am really glad we listened.

The Inspiration

I got the inspiration for “Nsuubira” from a true story of a close friend. She went through a painful separation from her husband.  I watched her deal with hurt, anger and confusion.

She held on to the hope that things would get better despite all she went through. Her experience inspired me to write the song.

By Solome Basuuta.

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Watch “Nsuubira” below:

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