Phila Working on Album Set for Late Year Release

Phila has revealed that he is currently in studio working on a solo project which will be released later on this year.

This reggae album is being co-produced by Trophimus Odie (Kish Records) and Kingsley. It will have an additional touch of Hip Hop, Dancehall among others. 

It will feature work from artistes like Brian Mugenyi, Charmant, Ruyonga, Daisy Ejang and others.


It will have a different touch from what people might expect with some love music, heavenly music, among others. It’s going to be of International level, with uniqueness and creativity lyrical wise, the production is first class bona fide.

The album title, art cover and track-listing are yet to be released.

This song “Garden of Love” will be featuring on the album.


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