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Pompi, whose real names are Chaka Nyathando released his first Gospel album after giving his life to Christ . The Album released on 8th December 2012 is titled “Mizu” which means Roots and produced under music label LOTAHOUSE (house of dreams) a home Magg44, Abel Musuka Chungu, Tio and Pompi himself.


1Mizu (feat. Nathan Nyirenda ) 5:33

2Empty  Thrones (feat. Tio) 3:46

3Mulungu Samagona 5:33

4Kakambidwe 3:29

5Packaging 4:02

6Refuge 3:48

7Hygiene 3:20

8No Rent (feat. Mag44) 4:08

9Testimony (feat. Chungu Musuka) 4:08

10Tule Shana 4:00

11Giant Killer 3:29

12Pompi for President 2:59

13Twitter Follow @Jesus (feat. Puppy) 3:36

14Make up (Bonus Track) 3:42



Title track of the Album, the stand out message in the song is the desire to be rooted to bear the right fruits, “it’s not the tree it’s the roots” he says. The chorus talks about how he wants to taste a drink of the water so that he will never thirst, found in a source and to tap that treasure you need to be rooted. A relaxing song with a well-played saxophone.

My rating 7/10



A mellow song with the guitar and the drums making the cut. The song talks about how there is more to life than “shiny cars, flashing lights and fancy clothes” as Tio puts it in his verse.

My rating 7/10



Translated as “The Lord doesn’t sleep”…this one got me encouraged and inspired, one of my favourite songs on this Album. He says sometimes life is like a bag of pain but God is ever watching and he will never let a righteous tear fall to the ground in Vain. A song full of lyrically deep content and poetic at the same time.

My rating  8.5/10



Sung in English and chewa, it’s a song about trying to win the heart of woman. Despite most of the chorus being in an unknown language to me the English bit in it excites me: “I wonder, are you single? Coz you’ve been a really strong stain in my mental”

My rating 6/10



The second single from this album to be released a few months after make-up (bonus track), He talks about how the inside of someone (heart and soul) would rather be seen rather than the packaging that’s on the outside. The song has phrases like “not everything that glitters is gold”, “it’s a masquerade party nothing is what it seems to be”. To me the release of this song and its impact by topping charts made the Mizu album highly anticipated. 

My rating 8.5/10



If there are songs that have well engineered beats on the Mizu album then Refuge is one of them, the flow of pompi’s rap caught my ears too and the way the chorus joins in showed typical creativity. First time I played it I hit the repeat icon on VLC.

My rating 8/10



The guitar first then the piano joins in and the drums spice it more, not only do i Like the beats but I love the lyrical content of this song. “So fresh, so clean, check the hygiene”, he talks about how he is brand new with a new mind as he reflects on the mediocrity he had in the past. It’s like he was sending a message to those still in the world, that nothing is fresher than being born again. My favourite lines “let me tell you the reason why am smiling while they busy  wiling out, because I got a treasure that cannot be measured with a Ruler, never, you can even ask your local jeweller, they gonna understand it when they get a new medulla,  just purchased one”

My rating 8.5/10



Love birds will definitely love this one, guess am one of them because few weeks ago I sung it to my fellow “bird”. “Isa wikale mumutima wandi, No rent” meaning come stay in my heart you won’t pay rent. The singing by Pompi and the beats blended very well, Mag44’s rap made it even more interesting with his lyrics as he flowed with the love mood song. 

My rating  8.5/10



Imperfection, the song talks about how God can use our imperfection in our history to create a testimony. He goes on to point out how God dint use perfect people for his ministry, the likes of Abraham, David and Moses. Abel chungu did excellently since the beats of this song favoured his style of singing more. Favourite line: “if God used perfect people nothing would be done, the only ever was his begotten son”

My rating 7/10



Meaning “we are dancing”…so nice a song, it excites me as much as Hygiene. Mainly English and some little chewa, he sings about his joy he now has in Christ. He also talks about how some ask him why he converted to Christianity because he was going to make more “paper”, he answers them with a number of reasons including “unlike many men am so tired of being a faker”. Song is slightly mellow but featured on my repeat menu.

My rating 8/10



A friend of mine says it’s a “battle cry”, another says it’s a “victory song”. Well, whatever name you call it, you have got to love this song.it gets you hyped up, feel strong and ready to face whatever “giant” you have in your life.it has a dancehall/raga feel in it with interesting lines like “Cool, calm, collected, standing in-front of a charging army/ooh yes I reckon 007 got nothing on me, full armour not like Osama”, “small axe ill chop you down, part the sea when they try to drown me”. Song loved by many and having massive airplay here in Uganda as it appears on local radio charts.

My rating 8.5/10



Well not the president of Zambia, the president of himself. With unique African beats the song talks about how he wants to be president of his mind than conform to the world. The inauguration speech is included as well, in it he says “am too much of a twisted specimen, what I want you to see is passion in God a give you excellence, pick a battle so large the world will see that the hand of God is evident….”

My rating 7/10



Listening to this song I felt like I was being preached to by both Pompi and Puppy. A typical rap song where he mainly expresses his desire to follow Jesus and to preach his holy word. He talks about how he has been through a lot and whoever says his perfect is a liar thus we all need Jesus. Puppy fitted in well with his rap talking about Jesus and his authority. Favourite lines: “find anybody that you know that knows somebody that has never seen truth and be the truth, and be the fruit”, “stepping in the scene like a worship machine”.

My rating 7/10



The only bonus song on the album, one of his first songs he released after he got born again including chipolopolo, nipempela and the chipolopolo remix. He sings to a lady about how he can see past her make-up and the beauty he finds therein. Pompi combines singing and rapping skills to deliver one of those songs any Zion daughter will smile at.

My rating 8/10


People say when a secular artiste converts to gospel, they tend to “lose it”, I doubt how true that is but they won’t say the same about Pompi. His songs continue to have massive air play on the Ugandan local radios. The Mizu album is a masterpiece and a must listen

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A review written by: Ninno Jack Jr




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