Lyrical Mychael – Pregnant

UShs 1,000


Pregnant is a solid dancehall track by Lyrical Mychael.

“After my previous song Wrong Number, God has enabled me come up with a great message that is working through me at the moment. I believe that whether it’s a prophecy, a dream or vision, we all at some point have waited on God for something.

We don’t get tired of waiting even though sometimes it seems we will be doing so for ever. This is because we have hope in his Word.

Just like an expectant mother, we know that one day we will give birth to our dreams and God’s prophesies over our lives will come to pass.

I’m confident. I’m calm. I’m not worried. I’m without fear. I am expectant every promise of God I’m carrying inside me will come to pass,” says Lyrical Mychael.

Listen below:


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