Ruyonga & Kingsley n Phila Set To Release Albums In 2013

If you had ever heard something being whispered/rumoured in the corridors of your school, then this would be one of those that were more than just a whisper but somewhat to a great extent a fact/truth.

A lot of music will surely be hitting the airwaves this year. 2012 was great but 2013 is even promising to be greater, why? Kingsley & Phila, Ruyonga, Mac Elvis, Anton & Mag44 all set for album releases this year, that would sound to be something interesting.


Word has it that Mac Elvis hinted that he will be releasing a free project this year after his late last year release of the MOC.COM (Mind On Christ, Christ On My Mind) song featuring Coopy Bly. This artiste has revolved in the way he does his music production wise, lyric wise and that project would be something we all would love to get a hold of.

Mag 44 hinted in a tweet that he was in studio working on his album that is set for release in April this year, the lotahouse producer/rapper sensation seems to be not a laughing matter when he comes to the beats and lyricism, the Zambian’s style of Afro-Hip-hop fusion is one to embrace, we will be waiting to have hands on that album, it’s heard it will be titled Critical Mass, he released a single on the 1st of this year featuring Easter Phiri the Zambian boxing champion, and as the track title states, the beat follows the same “Me I Beat” lol

Anton, the Ugandan RnB producer/artiste who does a fusion of Hip-hop as well released his EP last year around September, the 6 track EP didn’t disappoint and after the successful release of the EP he hinted that he will be releasing an album sometime this year, our ears are itching for this project, Mr Anton we are in waiting…

Ruyonga, all of a sudden everyone is singing Ruyonga is the hottest kid on the block, we choose to differ, long before most of us heard him spit a rhyme his stage name was Krukid, he got born again he re-branded to Ruyonga his maiden name and now kingdom certified he spits bars for the Lord, his style is unique one to reckon with and guaranteed to make you marvel listening to his last projects S.O.S (Songs of Success) album and God Over Money mix tape  the Kinetic artiste is surely a hip hop sensation and guess what…he could be having an album out this year as well, now isn’t that good!

Kingsley & Phila, what a duo, they have given so much and yet they promise that they are just getting warmed up, this reggae / dance-hall duo after their successful release of their album “Fire Fall” in 2011 and doing a listeners party in 2012, plus releasing singles here and there throughout the year, have word out that they will be doing an album this year as well…what could get better than this ladies and gentlemen


Basically, if these guys released their work with an interval of 3 months, that would be enough music to take us through the year, ain’t it?

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