Singles Vs Albums, Price Love Judges and Advises from Experience

I’m proud to belong to a society of people that inspire and motivate the world through their creativity. Choosing music as a career is like starting a business.

 There’s really no guarantee that you’ll get out as much as you invested, however good your craft may be. I therefore salute all the musicians that have poured their hearts into this industry to make our day today life memorable. To all the parties that have played a big role in the making and marketing of our music, thank you. I can’t forget the faithful listeners that continuously encourage us with their testimonies and generously buying our music, we’re where we are because of you. You’re the reason we do what we do.

Price Love is my name, proudly 25yrs and still counting. I first held a microphone at 5yrs old. But professionally started recording at 18. It’s in church that I’ve been groomed from leading praise and worship to writing songs and taking on stages around the world. I sure had the gift from a young age but studying music has helped me become a better singer, songwriter, teacher and widened the range of opportunities. So for the artist starting out, it is important that you consider getting music lessons to improve your craft However, that’s a story for another day. I released my debut Album “TALES” In September 2013 and sharing this journey with you is something i gladly said Yes to.

Singles Vs. Albums

The following information is totally and completely my personal experience so you can take out what works for you and what doesn’t. First and foremost, though i mentioned that i started recording at 18, i never really had the courage to release any of my music and when i did the remarks i received were quite not what i expected.
I was told it was “different “ i really never understood that until someone asked me why i didn’t do music like so and so, that is when i realized my music wasn’t the problem those who controlled the music flow thought it was so unfamiliar to the listener and therefore for me to breakthrough i had to compromise. A part of me was so broken, the other kept hopeful that somehow someone somewhere will be interested so i didn’t give up. i put a couple of songs together but never released them because i was afraid nobody would like to hear them.

At the end of 2012, some pretty amazing people encouraged me to record an album hence “TALES” but even then the thought of it was frightening. I knew that i had the potential but i was afraid to fail but guess what i still failed. The same thing that i was afraid of at the beginning came haunting me even then. I sure made so many blunders but they turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Having been an amateur in music business and hearing all sorts of theories about how the business works, it was hard to choose one. I tried and failed and tried again and failed until i succeeded. i know for sure that i haven’t gotten where i want to be but i’m still in a better place not where i used to be.

My view about singles may differ from yours but experience has taught me that when you dive into this industry, you need to prepare yourself to tell your whole story and once you do there’s no turning back. I view a single as the most popular song from an artist’s album or separately released song for promotional purposes. The kind that will keep listeners hooked, in other words it is a bait to draw people to your album. That would be one or two songs according to me. This has left many branded one hit wonders while some have consistently released singles as a marketing strategy, a safe way to go i must say. However, truthfully with singles you will know immediately the kind of impact that your music has. Unfortunately singles have a tendency to influence the kind of content an artist has on their album. Many artists have ended up making music they think sales and not necessarily creating their world and inviting listeners to join in, therefore abandoning their vision.
Many artists are concerned about what people will think and in the end the fun in making the music is lost. In addition, listeners demand for a certain sound because it’s what they’re used to, but does this mean we tag along? How we release our music will most definitely shape the way people respond, not the other way round. Again that’s my view.

An album on the other hand represents the full story of an artist; it can take as long as two years to come up with a well thought out collection of songs that one thinks will fully tell their story. Some people are financially and creatively capable of putting it together in the shortest time possible, but either way to produce an authentic album, patience is key.
The successful recording artists make it seem so easy but we forget that it took them time to actually be that good. We get frustrated when things don’t work out the way we planned but if you want what they have you need to work smart, don’t just copy and paste.

Most successful musicians took risks and failed time and time again until they mastered the art. But if you’re afraid to make mistakes, you will never learn and you should forget growth. It is hard to record a good album but if you’re willing to take the risk it is not impossible. Every big achievement starts with one step, so don’t be afraid to take the first one. It may be slow but it is achievable.

I can totally understand the listener’s frustration in regards to buying albums. Some albums are crappy for lack of a better word. When the consumer buys the album he/she expects to enjoy it but some artists relax after having one song that attracts attention to the album, therefore many music lovers prefer buying just one song that works for them.
To the one who has chosen to do this as a career i urge you to please plan and prepare yourself to give your listeners not just one good song but an experience they won’t forget. If you know you’re not good at song writing, invest in song writers, if your vocals are lacking, hire a vocal coach. Seek advice from people who are better than you, and get into a habit of reading and practicing to produce a better product. Don’t be afraid to fail, and when you do, cry if you must but wipe those tears and begin again. Most importantly, pray for your music project, Prayer adds a flavor to it all.

The reason i create music is because first of all it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Secondly, It makes me Happy, and i believe that it’s a medium through which sensitive, educative, and delicate messages can be passed on smoothly. It is therapy to the soul, life, hope and everything that just words can’t accomplish. It’s the greatest medium of communication and whoever is part of this movement should respect the impact it creates by doing the best they can. Music has the power to heal, break, make and transform the society in which we live and so those who make it need all the support they can get in order to give their best. A Music career is not just for fun and making money, its food to the soul, it’s not a joke as many think, its long hours of practice, and it should be given the respect it deserves. Different from what many think, it’s not a place for everyone, it is the kind that requires total commitment and demands consistent flow of creative ideas. Therefore, to the artist and Listeners don’t just listen to the people you’re familiar with, challenge yourself by crossing over to unfamiliar territories. It may sound Uneasy at the beginning but i guarantee the more you listen the more you learn, eventually you’ll enjoy yourself.

Whether you choose to release singles or an Album that’s entirely up to you, but remember whichever one you choose, go an extra mile to produce something that will leave a lasting mark on the hearts of the listeners. To the Christian artist who is lost in these we call hits, you may have to go down to the drawing board and re-evaluate why you’re doing what you’re doing. Any song can be a hit song depending on its quality and how it’s marketed. In my view if a song can minister to someone even if it’s just one person, that’s a hit. Problem comes when we compare other people’s work with ours. Believe in your craft, and may God work through you to accomplish His purpose. Remember, this is not about you but about Jesus.

For the struggling artist yet very talented, don’t ever Give up on your dream, neither should you compromise in order to fit people’s expectations. You’re different for a reason, Delay is not denial. And while you wait, practice, pray, and learn as much as you can. Don’t rush for cheap and quick fame. Wait patiently upon the Lord. The gift you have belongs to God, don’t live like you can make it on your own. Open your heart up and God will be glorified through your gift. You belong to God most High, He has the power to sustain you in places, money and fame can only take you

Finally, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5-6

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