S.O. – So It Continues Album Review

S.O a Nigerian born artist  raised in United Kingdom, London released his second album in November on Lampmode Recordings the home of artists like Json, Shai Linne to name but a few. This album is a mixture of soft tune to hard banging beats with a thoughtful flow of powerful lyrics produced by G.P of Dvine Muzic.


Track list:

1.So It Continues 4:09

2.Lamentations (feat. Leah Smith) 4:41

3.I Can Bear 3:35

4.Away Soon (feat. Sean C. Johnson) 3:52

5.Memoirs (Wish You Were Around) 5:29

6.Radical (feat. Lecrae, J. Williams) 3:12

7.I Am (feat. Shai Linne) 4:25

8.Walk in the Son II 2:52

9.Tell Em All (feat. Andy Mineo) 3:09

10.You Know It (feat. E Tizz) 5:40

11.Elisabeth’s Interlude 3:53

12.Yesterday 5:41

13.Passion and Purity 6:10

14.The End?

So It Continues 

Album kicks off with the title track So it Continues  with is basically a sooth track talking more of what the album is gone be like, life struggles he has been through with friends and the relationship pressures that come with it. He basically talks about his life, death in family, relationships that come with life and more subjects that anyone can relate to.

Lamentations (feat. Leah Smith)

This track expresses the thoughts after a loss of a loved one, the doubts and frustrations that set in after an incident of a loss. S.O further reflects the death of a father and how their family mourned and how they dealt the pain. The chorus then encourages that, “Though you slay me, I’ll will rejoice we and weary but my body is yours, hope you hear me coz’ the tears are my voice-Leah Smith.” Then he goes ahead and talks of abundance grace that will reign during such a difficult time.


I Can Bear

One of my favorite tracks on this album due to the blend of beats tunes and transitions of the whole track. The track essentially says that the Lord can’t give us more than we can bear. The struggles and troubles we go through, the crossroads we walk all can’t be compared to the light at the end of the tunnel that gives us hope that all we alright. The background melody song that adds taste to the track is from God’s Property (Kirk Franklin) track More Than I Can Bear.

Away Soon (feat. Sean C. Johnson)

This tune moves with smooth RnB tune and a slightly solid beat that features Sean C. Johnson on the chorus. Just as the previous track describes pain and trials we face, this track speaks of hope in Jesus and that will be gone away soon to meet the saviour that uplifted us in that which we went through.

Memoirs (Wish You Were Around)

This is a letter to a brother that as fallen and stumbled, he pens the letter as a matter of brotherly love, “Wish you were around to share the pain and struggles and to stand.”It’s on the whole an open prayer that the song describes that his brother may come back to the knowledge of Christ, to know the beauty of the cross and remember that the Lord took his sins away.

Radical (feat. Lecrae, J. Williams)

This is one of the tracks that en-lights the production of the album, the dynamism of flow of the track and beats coupled with one of the favorite established artist Lecrae makes this track a must listen. The track urges Christians, followers of Christ to be radical in our service, walk, talk and life we live in Christ. Defending why we should be radical insisting that our lives shouldn’t be usual, invisible, incredible and not easily moved.

I Am (feat. Shai Linne)

Here S.O features fellow label mate Shai Linne where African vocals and tune of hip hop beats play in the background, where he talks about I am, the creator of the earth and the one who came save the earth, ruler of the earth and bridegroom of the church. This track particularly reminds me of Shai Linne’s Attributes of God, same theme if am to say. It basically encourages and reminds us of whom God is, “I’m serving the I Am that I Am before Abraham was, yes the I Am, the bridegroom of the Church…”

Walk in the son

This next track is more of rhyming poetic track coupled with some old school hip hop beats, still talking of the walk in the light, the new birth and the road escapes walking and talking with Christ.

Tell Em All (feat. Andy Mineo)

S.O here brings out his evangelical side encouraging the spread of the message that brings hope to all, emphasizing Jesus is the one that will set us free and it’s what everyone needs. Andy Mineo features on a rap/sing approach and adds by saying, “I’m spreading the message I know the world needs.”

You know it (feat. E Tizz)

From the beginning the track speaks for itself a song to fellow men, brothers, teens young adults and married. The message is on what being a real man is, of integrity, honesty and love that doesn’t say and above all living for the glory of the lord not earthly materials. The message also advises to emulate some characters in the bible like Daniel and Hezekiah. This track features fellow British mate E Tizz on the beat.

Elisabeth’s Interlude

This Interlude is dedication Elisabeth Elliot an author of a book Passion and Purity that inspired S.O to write this song. He illustrates that the book motivated him in pursuing holiness and physical purity. Her words that showed him mark of a man and that it was no secret that He needed Christ. This interlude plays a role in the next tracks as it describes the same theme of love, manhood, integrity and relationships.


This track is plea through a song where situations maybe sin or temptations let us desire to get back into the past ‘Yesterday’ and enjoy that moment when we first got saved, experienced that first love where there was no pretence and there was hope, peace joy and love. This song in essence speaks of getting back to ‘Yesterday’ which is actually getting back into right relationship with God

Passion and Purity

One of my favorite tracks, this solo track expresses passions that drive us when in relationships and encouraging that we shouldn’t cross the road and to what everyone is doing. A pledge where he wants to see passion and purity active maturity and living for this glory in all relationships that people encounter. The song is based on themes of love, manhood and integrity in relationships


This is another solid from S.O with great production coupled with right lyrical content that shares his own views on life and its life struggles, brokenness and being needy before the Lord .Looking up to Christ and His abundant provision of Grace and Him showing up in all situations let it be mourning, burdens and relationships.

From a musical perspective, the combination of hip-hop and head banging beats and lots of diversity provided by featured artists such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo and fellow nation mate E Tizz as well upcoming artists Leah Smith and Sean C Johnson provides musical appeal to the hip-hop fans as well as general musical lover.

You can get the album from iTunes here.

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