Review of Sobre’s Album, GODSTAR

Sobre the talented reggae/dancehall general from Zambia, hailing from Lusaka is set to unveil his second album titled GodStar on the 10th this month, his last album Heart of A Giant was a success, but this would yet be his biggest release. The album has multi varied sounds which show the diversity in the artistry of Sobre, it also shows his singing ability, which he does quite well on a few songs here and there. The album is also rich with African sounds from the lyrics and production perspectives.

The song “Mungeli” meaning “Angel” a lover’s rock anthem, a reggae/dancehall dub song that sets the album to mild energy and with a catchy rhythm, its one of those songs that stood out for me…he sings “Every time that I close my eyes I see You, And I just can’t picture life without you..You are my only one, without you ina mi life am a lonely man..coz your my baby, my mungeli, my sweet chocolate…niwe…”

Sobre soothes through the album with his punch lines and playful lyrics, and catchy hooks that can be easily sunf and danced too…In the song “We Iwe” ft. F Jay & Eddy Black one of the nice songs on the album he sings “…The Sky is not the limit, am rubbing shoulders with the sun while the stars are singing…” and at another point in the song “Yes” (Live) he says “…I need a mic check, I need a beat, I need a fully loaded magazine, filled with the word, unto Jah, The only reason I de reach this far…Release the guns, let dem spark, Jah with me everywhere I are…”

The album’s tempo and energy is unpredictable the music is different and yet manages to maintain the authenticity of the production and content. There are songs that slow down well the album like this reggae/dubstep song titled “Forget Them All” ft. Cactus, the way it oscillates between reggae and dubstep is perfect. “Tell Me How You Feel” is a perfect blend of the dancehall vibe on the album, I loved it so much because it brought out the dancehall side of Sobre which I feel like he does best other than all the other genres he samples on this album.

There are songs on the album that will work well on a friday night party like Mungeli, Higher, Ride, We Iwe, Red Wine, Tell Me How You Feel and songs to just listen to on a calm day like Identity, Natolela ft. Carmine among others. From the album Sobre is not ashamed of his faith in Christ and he occasionally speaks to the listener about how they need to trust in God no matter the situation like in the song “Tell Me How You Feel”.

The album is well balanced giving a slow smooth listening to some real party sounds, the genres range from RnB, to reggae, to Afro Pop, to Dancehall and to Hip Hop. The features all deliver and for every song he has a perfect fit, featuring some of the best artists from Zambia including Pompi, Mag44, Carmine and Prychi among other artists.

As I journeyed through this 12 track album, Sobre is definitely proud of being African and blends the rich African sounds in his music, he is a strong artist affirming his position on the continent as one of those promising artists that are here to stay, that listeners and fans should look out for.
There are songs of love, praises to God, testimonies of his life and his musical journey all embedded in the dynamic package. With two albums under his belt, this is by far his much diverse, solid and best album out. Everyone has to get it and judge for themselves.

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