Switch Groove 2012 Hosts Dafari

So one would say “What a great night it was”…and indeed it was since it was a first timer for many in the crowd to be graced with a performance of one of the best reggae/dance hall artistes in East Africa, Dafari. He pulled off an electric performance and the dancers represented well.

A few bloopers here and there but it was one of those shows that are creating the foundation for what one would believe is going to be a major movement for good entertainment. It’s one thing to have entertainment and it’s another to have clean/good entertainment. 

It was simply awesome, and the Sulphuric Deejays did a very awesome job. 

The crowd was willing to go miles though towards the end it had substantially reduced in numbers mainly due to the fact that a great number of the crowd were students, but also due to the fact that there was time wastage owing to the fact that the band took up most of the time doing sound testing when they should have done this before the concert started.

Overall it was a good one. 

Kudos Switch Groove!!

Watch this video from the reggae / dance-hall artiste




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