Thi’sl – Free From The Trap Album Review

Yes, Thi’sl is back again with another banging album, we all love his past projects and we are sure everyone who is a fan can’t wait to catch this one from the artiste signed onto “Full Ride Music Group” label, this time featuring less artistes, introducing a couple of new artistes and some that we have known.


We have always wanted to do something like this so allow us to review the album with you 🙂 Allow us to share what we think of this album, track by track, this is not the exclusive review it’s a personal point of view 🙂 

Lets go…as we journey through this 11 track album

I’m Ready Prod. by J.R. , The album is kicked off with this track inspired with blowing trumpets, drum rolls, bass kicks and Thi’sl’s rough thick voice, you can expect only the best from him as you ride through this track. He says he is ready to take on life (war), with all the madness around us in this world he encourages the listener to be ready and go all in.

Snap Off, a track produced by Black Knight the 21 year old Producer/Artiste who emerged onto the scene after winning the Riot (Tedashii) Rapzilla Remix contest, if you need something to keep you juiced up in your swagg just turn up the volume and get your groove on. The track also features tight vocals from Pastor AD3…oops looks like he re branded to AD3 🙂

Needed You, is a song dedicated to a figure who seems to be his father asking where was he when he needed him, when he was growing up, he faced life all alone, as he grew up things got rougher and even when he tried to get in touch with his dad he didn’t seem to come through. In-spite of all this he declares how he loves his dad, how he forgives him and how his dad can count on him if he ever needs him. This song is also a good one for anyone who intends to be a father one day, a song that identifies with a child growing up all alone without a father figure in his life and also…dedicated to him who is forsaking his responsibilities.

Baby Mommas and Broken Hearts, Prod. by Cheese aka The Kracken and J. Rhodes, is a song where Thi’sl lays his voice back and trying to see life through a mother’s heart, a mother who is struggling to raise her child in this life, the mother is trying to look out for her children but because of the lack of an appropriate father figure in their lives they are swayed away and lost in the thorns of life, he encourages men, children and mothers that there is hope and we don’t have to live the ordinary that has been experienced by many in society, doing drugs, going to jail, forsaking children etc…In one of the lines he sings to the men “…we cant make these babies, and get up and leave them…” This song leaves you in the state of “There is still a lot to be desired!!”

Wish Upon A Star, Prod. by G.Roc, This has got a laid back head bobbing feel, as you are swayed back and forth through Thi’sl’s lyrical maestroness, the beat was done perfectly by G.Roc very notable for his unique input on Viktory’s R4 album some time back this year.

Motivation, is a straight out hip hop joint, with those 808 kicks that will keep your speakers begging for mercy.

All We Know Is Winning, Prod. by Black Knight, a track produced by a dude that has received a notable recognition for his hard going beats. This track features Tedashii and he perfectly laces it with his “sick” flow. This track keeps you jumping on your toes, and ur shoulders doing that forward movement. The message encourages the listener that in Christ all you can expect is, Winning!!! Even when it all seems lost, in the end you Win!!!

Until Next Time, a track featuring Fitzgerald who has some quite unrivalled vocals puts them to use on the chorus, Thi’sl on this track sings about a man who is always on the move because of work issues, and he expresses how the man wishes his woman was with him everywhere he is, and how he knows and acknowledges how much she doesn’t like to see the man go. She loves her man, he loves her and the distance between them is not a fancy thing. This is a nice song to listen to when you are on the road and also if your in this situation 🙂

We Blind, Prod. by GeeDa, another hot track produced by a super producer that emphasizes Thi’sl’s heart for the streets, his passion for all those who are hustling on the streets, the mothers who have lost their children to the streets and all those that are in the struggle with life and identity issues. Its a straight out word from Thi’sl’s diary, sharing his perspective on how things are and ought to be.

Lord Help Me, is a prayer from Th’sl’s heart, talking to God to help him through out this walk in life, things can be tight sometimes in life and what you need is to ask God to help you, for without him you can do nothing.

In The Morning, with the chorus laced by Daphine Rice vocals, is a song encouraging the listener to call on Jesus, the song emphasizes that pain may be there during the “night” but joy comes in the “morning”, pain is but for a moment, but with joy you will enjoy a thousand times what pain offered, with hope and trust in Christ, all things will work out for your own good.

The album is worth a listening, the artiste is still intact, and you can feel that there are still loads of albums in him to come for the next many years. He is still true to his calling and he is going no where. 

Get this album, it will be worth it.

Get it on iTunes here.

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