We Are One Africa Project

This is an initiative birthed by Grant Munatsi (Zambia) Co-owner of SoliDeoGloria Music Group and Bob Phondo (Zambia based-Malawian) President of Letswai record label and artist management firm, as a response to the xenophobic violence recently experienced in South Africa.

The two facilitated the coming together of more than twenty youthful artists from ten different countries across the African continent who were equally moved and bore the same conviction that Africa needed healing from this blight. The artists worked on a short (four song) music project whose aim is to inspire unity among Africans given the recent xenophobic attacks experienced in South Africa.

The hope being that the music will spark interest and conversation on the issue of African unity resulting in information being further disseminated among different people of different classes in different countries. If artists could come together in this manner then there is no doubt that unity in Africa can be realized.


1. INTRO: WE ARE ONE AFRICA feat. Magnifire (prod. by Stone)
2. BLACK OR WHITE feat. Black Nubon, Jo-z Jay, Abel Chungu Musuka, Courtney Antipas, KBG, Limo Blaze, Genirol, Olivia (prod. by gEO) 
3. ONE AFRICA feat. Kris, Prychi, S.A.M.U.E.L, Ruyonga, Phemy, G-Stana, Mano Juvane, Mr. Malcom (prod. by Dali Msosa) 
4. SAVE OUR LAND feat. C-Scripture, Fizzikal, D.M.Y, Elandre, Landmarq, Sobre, Carmine (prod. by S.A.M.U.E.L) 
5. CHRI5TOPHOBIA feat. David Kalilani, Ruyonga, Landmarq (prod. by Mag44) 
5. OUTRO: WE ARE ONE feat. Jesse (prod. by Stone)

We Are One Africa | DOWNLOAD HERE

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