Writing An Artist Profile Story, Part 2: The Types Of Problems An Artist Faces

There are two types of problems an artist may face. An artist may face an:

  1. Internal or
  2. External problem 


In the last post, we defined an artist profile story as a problem or series of problems an individual faced in becoming an artist.

This post looks at the types of problems an individual may face as they strive to become an artist.

There are two broad types of problems in a story

These are:

  1. External or
  2. Internal problems

External problems are problems that occur outside an artist.



They are physical in nature. They are problems that involve:

  1. The artist and his relationship with another person or people. For example, family
  2. The artist and his relationship with the government
  3. The artist and his relationship with physical nature
  4. The artist and his relationship with God

Here are some examples: 

  1. My peers wanted me to purse a different career other than being a musician.
  2. My parents were both professional musicians. They forced me to learn to play musical instruments at a young age.
  3. I joined the music, dance and drama club in my first year of secondary school but was rejected by the other students.


The problems an artist faces may also be internal.


These are problems that occur within an artist. They involve an artist’s relationship with himself (their personality, emotions, mentality etc.)

Here are some examples: 

  1. Learning to perform in front of people has made me more confident but it was not always that way.
  2. Learning to forgive a friend who broke the strings on my guitar wasn’t easy.
  3. I always wanted to sing but was afraid of standing on a stage until one time when I had no choice.

When interviewing an artist, it is best to let him/her talk about a challenge that quickly comes to their minds.

Certain challenges will be more memorable to one artist and another set of challenges will be more memorable to a different artist.

 However, you can choose to direct the discussion towards an external or internal problem if you so desire.  


An individual may face two types of problems (internal or external) in their journey to becoming an artist. 

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