An In depth Review of Love, Hope & War album of Da T.R.U.T.H

Love Hope War This is one of those albums that cuts both sides, both to the redeemed and non-redeemed. So let’s break it into the 3 segments.



(06) Real Love: produced by G-roc, if you’re expecting God’s love, this time it’s not what Da T.R.U.T.H addresses. Here he calls out to the Christians to love beyond the surface. It is heard when he said ‘love isn’t what you talk about, it’s what you show to people with open scars.’

(07)Ugly Love: produced by Paris ‘STA’ Jackson n Jeremy Ervins. This is one of those come passionate song(s) you could listen to. It reminds me of Da T.R.U.T.H in an interview on where he said ‘real love can only be seen in tough times otherwise when all is well it’s hard to see it. He challenges the body of Christ not to give up on loving even in tough times. ‘if you love me when its ugly, then that’s beautiful in God’s eyes’ 

(12) What about Love: With G-roc on the beat Da T.R.U.T.H challenges the church to be real/genuine when it comes to love. He says ‘ and l’m talking to the saints that only bang with people they think is on their level’ me I call them racists.

(03) Where was I: Produced by Joseph Love, i think this one of those track that challenges minister many times we tend to encourage people, forgetting that our families, friends, relatives…need that same msg. This is heard when he address the fact that he wasn’t their 4 his cousin to give him hope in Christ yet he was struggling with depression and other stuff. He calls out to minister not to 4get the great commission.


(04)The City; the pop-electric nature produced by G-roc is the first to capture your attention at the beginning. The atmosphere in this track is exciting, there is a lot of joy as Da T.R.U.T.H tries to describe heaven, it’s a beauty & how he can’t wait to be there. This track encourages the church to press on.

(05) J.I.F.E; Produced by J.R, Da T.R.U.T.H talks about our hope in Christ. He says “aiming their guns at me, preaching to the choir people dying in the streets” this is where what I said sometime back comes in there to two kinds of artists, one that speaks to the church and the other that speaks to the streets so to throw stones at someone coz they’re not speaking to you is not a wise thing. He stresses it that Jesus is for everybody (J.I.F.E) that includes both the redeemed & non-redeemed.

(08) HOPE: As expected when you hear Geeda on the beat, the track starts with that heavy speaker pounding beat that wants to split yo’ speakers into dust. On this one he features Thi’sl, Flame, Triplee. This track stresses that we got hope even when we’re facing challenging situations.

(09) THE G.O.A.T: Produced by D-flow. It stands for greatest of all time (The G.O.A.T) This is a track that stresses that there may have been heroes and celebrities but Jesus Christ is the greatest to have ever existed greater than yo’ celebrities and heroes.



(01). DOS(Death Of Silence); Produced by Andre Atkinson Maurice Tonia & mark mims. On this track Da T.R.U.T.H calls out to Christians to be bold enough, be unashamed stop being peace makers and declare war. Coz our silence has lead to the removal of prayers in schools & commandments from the court system “every time we stop moving the find a way of removing something.”

(02). Hunger Game; Produced by J.R, this is one of those songs that reminds you of a movie “Hunger Games”, but on this one he calls out to people to make war against sin and stop nursing it, its war time.

(10). Peace Talk: produced by Ron Riley, Mario maitland & Sean simmonds. This is a song that highlights the reason for the existence of war, which is a result of sin. This song calls us to make war against sin.

(11). Table Talk: Produced by Maurice condway, Mushron Johnson & Mario maitland. One of the controversial, but maturely attacked issue Christian rap Vs Rap. This is a song aimed to the young artistes who have been asking him about being a Christian rapper and being just a rapper. On this he says there is no problem in having a Christian rap label in fact he says “if the label kills his career then he will take that loss.” He calls on artistes not to force people to drop the label. “I ain’t trying to fight you man, this is just a table talk.”

Written By: Amos Nsereko

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