Benjah Vanity Fare Album Review


Now an introduction of the man behind this project, Benjamin Thom also known as Benjah is an award winning producer, song writer and artist working under Jahmen Music Group. He has worked with hitters in Hip-hop community with likes of Lecrae, Json, Andy Mineo, Tedashi…Etc.

His 3rd solo album dubbed Vanity Fare was released on 19th March 2013; it contains 12 tracks featuring some of prominent artists such as Trip Lee, Da T.R.U.T.H, Sho Baraka and surprise feature of pop diva Beckah Shae. For all the hip hop fans, you will surely love this track list combination.


Track list:

1.Rainbows (feat. Tedashii)

2.Love Signs (feat. Dillavou)

3.Grizz (feat. God’s Servant & Canon)



6.Left Right (feat. Beckah Shae & Trip Lee


8.Come With Me

9.Don’t Shoot (feat. Dillavou & Lee Green)

10.Flowin’ (feat. J’son & Eshon Burgrely


12.Last Call (feat. Da’ T.R.U.T.H, Sho Baraka)


Now before I get deep on this review, I will give a brief for those that don’t love reading for long. This album generally speaks about the cost of chasing our vanities i.e. something that is empty or valueless. It tells the story of all these things that disrupt us in our lives or even our walk in Christ providing a solution, way and pointing to the truth. This earth has nothing to offer us; we must look to Christ for fulfillment we all seek is what Benjah speaks in one of the tracks.


Rainbows ft. Tedashi

The intro of this track says it all, this album is goin to be banging. Benjah decides to verse the track and also do the chorus with Tedashi filling in, in the verses. Basically this track describes our earthly motivations as nothing more than chasing a rainbow. You always need, have to get it, where is it, can’t get enough, chasing fame, is what Benjah shows as chasing rainbows.


Love signs ft. Dillavou

Now this for the loved ones, if you are a loved one and love somebody. This track kind of surprised me with the flow of the album banging beats before and the shift in genres. Now about the track, I love the reggae flavor and Dillavou’s featuring, is one that makes you look for the reggae tracks again. I could say the track is a good balance to the album and keeps you looking forward for what’s next, dynamic and that’s what I like.


Grizz ft. God’s Servant and Canon

Now this is one of my favorites and all hip hop and banging beats fans will like this. Message wise it lives up to it; it explains both side of the story. Putting work in, we don’t always see return but we still working cause it’s not for us to earn……the chorus and the other verses continue to show exactly what it looks like when our lives are spent pursing things of eternal value. Now back to the jam Canon by boy nails it hard with his usual fast raps. This track has similarity with Work track, banging beats and all.



Benjah’s first track on the album where he does it solo makes it a track you want to listen to time and time again. Not only do the beats do justice to the track, but also the message still sticks to the theme of the album Vanity. He goes ahead to encourage us not give up on earthly struggles and just work it alone but to standup and take up his cue, brace His life and spring into action. Lot of message in this track take time to enjoy the track as well as the message in it.


Left Right ft. Beckah Shae and Trip Lee

Now first time Benjah released the track list to this album, this combination of artists caught my eye especially Beckah Shae.  Beckah Shae starts it with change of voices from soothing to reggae flow…total surprise, that’s what I like. The verses in the track speak it all , take all that bothers to Him that cares about you. Plea of surrender to the Lord to take our failures left, right and centre then transform us according to His plans. Track is one that keeps you pressing repeat, trust me.



The intro to this track just puts you in the mood of wondering what’s next. The track is fusion of well-produced pop and rock, with Benjah first talking about how his past life was a shame and a pain. He goes ahead to encourage as to drop those stones that usually condemn us,pull us back and make us fall short. ‘Am not who I was, I got a knew mind don’t try to hold me now coz I am free now’


Come with me

I had many favorites but this is one is top drawer; Benjah here illustrates God’s love unto us as ultimate, deep and everlasting. His gifts, promises are irrevocable despite the way we act. He comically portrays this theme throughout the song. ‘Even when you run away and don’t  trust my name, I’ll finish the work I started with you’


Don’t shoot ft. Dillavou and Lee Green

Reggae lovers this is for you especially the Bob Marley ones. The track doesn’t disappoint, production top notch. The elaboration of the Vanity theme doesn’t stop here, your going to here it till the last jam.ʻʻ Don’t criticize me and shoot me down, am not an angel, only human.’’ The reggae flavor blends the album well with again Dillavou featuring.


Flowing ft. Json and Eshon Burgrely

Walk in Christ, keep the flowing, embrace journey, don’t be discouraged, don’t go your own way, follow the spirit is the message here. Benjah keeps on bringing on the artists that keep the album flowing and splendid. The featured artists’ hooks were excellent in complementing the message. This track deep just as come with me



Again one of my favorites tracks, totally speaks what basically is faced in the world, it touches on how at times we feel we are so far away from God and tend to ask WHY as Benjah says running in circles chasing after hurricanes, when all we have to do is turn around and see that He is right there not abandoning us. That moment when you realize His right here surely peace reigns and we ultimately know we are being led and not alone. Production is top notch again everything just doesn’t go wrong. This album ends with Da T.R.U.T.H and Sho Baraka on the track which some will definitely love.



My last words would be this album lives up to the hype it had, the production was upbeat, the genres were blended in nicely and the content stuck to the theme. Benjah brings out the message in various ways, you have to listen good to capture the brilliance. My favorite track would be Action with others closely following suit. I would personally rate it 4.5/5 on this recent project. Lot of artists featured on this album but that didn’t outshine BenJah’s talent as he blended them in a great way.

Get this album it’s a must listen.

Written By: Marvin Omoding

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