Benjamin Prince To Host WISHES AND FISHES On The 6th July 2014

Life is like a story of three brothers from the arid of north eastern Uganda who took a tour to the shore of Lake Victoria. When they returned home to karamoja;

One wise one returned home after 3 years very rich because he had realized an opportunity in fishing, he started a large fish processing firm.
One timid one returned home immediately after the short tour but later came back after hearing of his brother’s success. He abandoned cattle and rustling in karamoja and went to ask his brother for skills and knowledge so that he could also take advantage and become rich. He returned home 2 years later doing pretty good and he helped his people
The other one was foolish; he remained in the village while his brothers succeeded in the city. Criticizing his brothers, accusing them of running away from home, abandoning their cattle, their families to go the city to become rich. He accused them of greed, selfish ambition and rebellion to the gods. It was not long after though when he regretted his foolishness. He looked on foolishly while his brothers sought success and refused to be comfortable with their situation/lives.
He later had nothing but wishes while his brothers successfully traded fishes.
#wishes and fishes –you either grab your own or you stay back and wish you had
That’s what life is like; if God shows you greater opportunities, go for them prayerfully. If he places people into your life to help you realize the opportunities you lost, dare to learn from them, don’t blind yourself to the underlying possibilities. Always complaining about how life is not fair, and critiquing at those that made it. It doesn’t work like that; you have to go grab it. –that big fish…..Asap!
My mission as Benjamin Prince (is evident in all the messages in my songs) is to inspire the people around me to be positive about life and not be satisfied with little. To look beyond the obvious advantage and discover the underlying opportunities. To empower the minds of Christians to succeed without sidelining their faith.

I hereby invite you to ‘’wishes and fishes’’, celebration of life, success and friendship At Club Galaxy on Sunday the 6th of July 6PM TO 9PM. This also incorporates my birthday party in which I seek to give back and say thank you to my fans, family, and friends and I will be humbled to see YOU there. Plenty of drinks, plenty of eats, music, cake and more cake. Come on let’s take it away.
Life is a difficult journey but there are always people you know you wouldn’t have made it without, one way or another…. I would like to take off time in a special way to appreciate the people that put my music to the level that it has grown. Promoters, Djaes, Presenters, Fans, Family and Friends., My Producer Javi, The Fame Entertainment, Jowee, Aggrey WordXxclusive, Suzan Namakula –Alpha Fm, Derrik Vucci, Lady Bezo My Promotions And Bookings Agent, The Everywhere You Go Team, Serah Adong, Alecho Karen, Rossete…. Nello Hot 100, Big Kahuna For Banging That Real God Joint Like Asap, The Girl Charmaine(Hot 100), Anna Mukasa, Joy E Mbabazi, Morgan, Pauls Selah, Ma Mane Lyll Mykk. King Wesley’s Contribution To The Industry In Terms Of Artiste Management And Promotion, Gospel Swag Ug For All The Promos, Dj Skam Zak, Dj Rayne, Dj Enock, Dj Awar, Penny Tricia, Erina Kisakye, Brina K, Mc Tinah, Kerry Rogers, Isaac Mukonywzi, Helena Viep, Mc Tina Nambusu, The Whole Salt Team, Mike Person, My Events Promoter Tbb, My Lawyer Tom Odeke, Remix 116 And The Prime Time Team, My Sisters Pricilla And Cathy, And The People That Have Featured Me And Those That I Have Featured On All My Joints, The Ug Gospel Hip Hop All-Stars Family, The Real God Project Asap. All to mention but a few. I want to thank you for all the support. Let’s meet at wishes and fishes 6th July 6pm, till 9pm and let’s celebrate life, success and friendship in style.

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