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Sean C. Johnson – Save Me

R&B/Soul artist Sean C. Johnson release’s his latest single, Save Me. “In every failure there is a lesson to be learned and with every heartbreak there is a chance to draw closer to God....


S.O. – New Wave ft Canon

In today’s age everybody is on a wave. More often than not that wave is not a spiritual one and not a wave that lasts. The Bible that those who are called Christians are...


J.Kwest – Finish This Freestyle

We ask for rappers that talk about stuff that matters and sound dope doing it. Those are the roots of hip hop, and with this election season heating up, I’m sure your timelines are...


Sean C Johnson – Up

The #RaceTheSun series continues with the next musical installment. Part 5 is titled “UP” and lets listeners know that trouble doesn’t last forever and no matter how low you feel you always have hope...


Derek Minor – Look At Me Now

“Look at Me Now” is the latest single from Reflection, Derek Minor’s sixth studio album which drops Oct. 14 via Reflection Music Group. This is a song where Derek shines light on haters, social...


NomiS – Prevail ft Propaganda

In a culture that’s stuck in a revolving door of political scandal, Social Media trends, and attempting to keep up with the Kardashians, it has become very difficult for the human conscience to have...


Tony Tillman – Sell Out

This song is about a time in Tony’s life where he felt like the biggest sell out of all time. Listen Here:  Click below for more information about Tony Tillman:  Twitter: @TheTonyTillman Facebook: Tony Tillman...

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