Daisy Ejang Unveiled

Its been how many days now and I have honestly been waiting to read a review on the Unveiling Daisy gig at Gatto Matto. Well, I doubt that I will drink to silence on this one.

I keep wondering how or even why as Christians we keep looking for a grey area(read safe zone) as far as taking a stand is concerned. It’s either black or white, no in betweens.

Truthfully speaking, being the party animal I am, I chose to go attend this gig cuz I knew for a fact that I would have a BLAST and believe me I actually did. I danced, screamed my lungs out (when it was relevant ofcourse) and enjoyed the company of people I had not seen in a long while.

But before I even go any further, I have not met a more capable, gifted artist and sweet spirit like Daisy Ejang. I may not know her personally but I have encountered her(lol) on many occasions. The girl is gifted with such a sweet, beautiful and powerful voice. Like that is not enough, she has this amazing voice control, stage presence and she is so loveable an artist without trying too hard.

Going for her Unveiling for me as a music lover was exciting because I was looking forward to seeing all these sides of her come to life; the artist and the vocalist considering not every artist is actually what I would call a vocalist.

Her first set did not disappoint as she seemed to be familiarizing herself with the crowd and finding her rhythm and it was nice. Her designer or whoever dressed her up did a great job as everything from her makeup to her hair, shoes, dress(tutu) was flawless and fitted right in with the somber mood of the music.

Then came the amazing Zimbabwean artist. I remember he had an array of all these traditional instruments, great dancing skills and good vocal ability. The progression from slow into mid tempo most certainly set me up for the more upbeat set that was to follow. And when he was done and Daisy got back up there I was READY!!! Literally. I was practically yearning for what was to come next…

Dressed in beautiful kitengi jumpsuit with her hair out and barefooted she ran up on stage where her dancers already were. This was the moment I was waiting for to get my groove on. And so they begun this beautiful teaser routine that had the guys go first, then the girls next and they all let their hair down(except one of them who clearly was oba in which world) and they just  flowed with the deejay of the night…

Then what do I hear… our dear Daisy starts to sing manya this girl oba what in the club #I-DIED! I really do not know what song that was but I kew it was Beyonce drama just! Then the sound went off. The dancers retreated to the stage, we sang a hymn(how convenient) and when the sound had been fixed ish went back to the Beyonce jam!!! At that point my mind zoned out and now the sound real jam! For a long time. By the time Daisy started to give us a dose of Mia teko or Yawa’de the sound was horrible, people had left and many like me were just disappointed. Someone made a comment and said she could not believe that the one person she looked up to could pull a move like that; have a concert and leave no impact on people. Need I say more? By the time the gig was officially done, the MCs of the night suggested we sing her a birthday song but the birthday girl was nowhere to be seen. Gene…

Daisy unveiled? I was personally very disappointed and I do not know if that was Daisy unveiled for who she is! I have been waiting to read an official statement from her management explaining what went down but there has been no official communication of the sort.

 Bottom line, our dear Gospel artists is this, choose one camp. You cannot belong to both. It’s either one or the other (no grey areas. I repeat, there are no grey areas) at least you owe that to your fans. 

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