I had to go beyond sounding nice – Solome Basuuta.

The motivation for “All In” was a song that painted a picture of love that is all in.

“After recording the first mix, I took it to my music director,” says Solome. “I thought I had nailed the song but it still needed more from me. I had to dig deeper to bring out the song which was a challenge because I had to go beyond sounding nice.”

“Well, we booked another session with the production team (Mo Roots and team). This time my music director and manager were present. We did a couple of takes till we felt we were delivering vocally and emotionally. It was a long session. I’m glad we persisted and hopefully we got it right.”

| Solome Basuuta – All In | Download Here |


Click here to watch the “All In” music video. 

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