Lagum of Elevator Music On His New Album “Social Lives”, Reveals Tracklisiting And Release Date

Lagum formerly known as Lyriczz of Elevator Music has revealed the cover art, album track listing and release date for his debut album titled “Social Lives”. Its set for a September 13th release and will also have a deluxe version with an addition of 6 songs.

He shares indepth about the album:

Social Lives is an album about being who you are and not letting people change or influence who you are in Christ. The idea came to me after seeing lots of people be fake and pretend on twitter, facebook, and instagram. I realized that people need someone to tell them that they don’t need to follow the world to be cool. My motto for this album is “Imitation is limitation. Know yourself, be yourself and don’t give a rats tail about what anybody things.” Stay true. Stay you.

When asked how different “Social Lives” is from his past projects:

This album is very different from my past projects in that I tried out some new things. Especially with the direction I took with the production. I think some tracks might surprise a few people. Even though the production may be a tad bit different, my delivery of the music is still similar to what I’ve been doing. I like to have content that influences people. So that’s how it’ll be for Social Lives.

Lagum also collaborated with other producers on the album including Josh Sb and Methadon with himself contributing to most of the production. The album was mastered by Nelson Muhiire of C-19 studios.

When asked about the current state of his group, Elevator Music, he says that its definitely not the end of the road for them and adds on “We are just solo artists under the Elevator Music Empire umbrella. A statement will be released soon about our plans and vision.”

Adding some more emphasis on the album “I hope to get the listener to understand that who they are as a person is better than any copy they could ever pull off. God is the one true guide to self discovery and I hope to convince the listener of that fact.”

Lagum on speaking of the sound direction of the album says “I’d describe this particular sound as simple and abstract. What was going through my mind? Nothing to be honest! I just made everything as I went along.”

On the features, “I just picked people I knew could help me deliver this message to the best of their ability.”

Below is the tracklisting

1. Wake Me Up ft. Farisha

2. Whisky

3. Love & Other Drugs ft. Maya

4. The Way

5. It’s Obvious

6. Slow Motion

7. High ft. Esther Chanelle

8. Run Like Wolves ft. Vanessa

9. Kings and Queens

10. The Storm? (Illusion) ft. Nyara

11. The Top ft. Karun

12. Cut The Room ft. Code & Collosus

13. The Storm! 

14. Real ft. Ruyonga & King’s African Rifle

15. Focus ft. Ivory Namara

16. Amen ft. King’s African Rifle

17. I Got It ft. Jay Da Flames

18. Know Yourself

(Deluxe Edition)

19. Affiliated (256) ft. Ruranga & Collosus

20. 5:30 ft. Amaru

21. Original ft. Jremiah

22. No Fear ft. Illamadi

23. 100 ft. Ruyonga & Tucker HD

24. All I know


All songs produced by Lagum apart from “The Storm!” Produced by Methadon and “No Fear” produced by Josh Sb.

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