Media Kit, is a leading entertainment news provider with a passion for marketing unique urban music, videos, events and connecting artists to their fans. We also have a strong presence on social media.

We are offering you a great opportunity to advertise your product/brand on this platform on select sections of our site and social media accounts; with a view of promoting your brand(s) amongst the target consumer segment.

Social Media Reach

+ Facebook profile 1,125 friends

+ Facebook group 4,132 members

+ Facebook page 3,249 likes

+ Twitter 2,105 followers

+ Instagram 297 followers


Our Advertising is limited to Uganda at the moment.


Social Media Hosting – 155,000 Uganda Shillings per week (7 days) or 625,000 Uganda Shillings per month (30 days):

  1. Posting your image on all our social media covers



  1. Twitter posts for 7 days
  2. A post to our Facebook Group, Page and Profile.
  3. A post to our Instagram account
  4. A post to Google+



Press Release: 55,000 Uganda Shillings:

Your press release will be posted to our site and shared on our social media accounts. 





Send an email to like the sample below.

 Advert Request – Email Sample

Dear Wemix,

This is Wilson the Entertainer.

I would like to pay for the Social Media Package.

We want the adverts to run for 3 weeks starting June 1st to June 21st.  The images for this package are attached below.

Yours truly,

Wilson the Entertainer 

Click here to download the Advert Request Email template

Advert Request – Email Template

Dear Wemix,

This is [name of person/organization]

[I/We] would like to pay for the “press release” [name of advertising package goes here]

[I/We] want the adverts to run for 3 weeks [give the number of weeks] “June 1st to June 21st” [give us the dates you would want to us to start running your adverts]

The images for this package are attached below.

Yours truly,

[Name of person/organization]


Please deliver the following to at least (5) business days (Mon – Fri) before the scheduled send/live date.

Social media graphics

Regular posting: square images in the size 800×800 pixels, 90dpi.

A regular post will appear on:

  1. Our [a] Facebook page,  [b] group and  [c] friend account
  2. Twitter account
  3. Instagram account
  4. Google+ account



Facebook – Header Image: 851×315 pixels, 90dpi


Twitter – Header Image: 1500X500, 90dpi


After we have received your request, we will have a look at your images based on our criteria and then send an approval letter if the images meet our criteria.

Criteria for the approval of your advertising images:

  • The first is Philippians 4:8.
  • We will not approve images that are sexually explicit.
  • The images you deliver to us must have the right size for the advertising slot(s) you desire.
  • We will let you know if the images you send do not meet the size criteria for the slot(s) you desire.
  • You must let us know the duration of time you want to pay for when you send the images (1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 30 days, etc)
  • We will inquire from you the duration of time you want your ads to run in case you did not include it in the image delivery email.


If your images have been approved, you will receive the following response email.

Dear [Name of organization/business/individual],

Your images have been approved. You can make a payment [amount in figures] for the [name of advertising offering chosen]. Duration – given in week(s) or month(s). We will not post your images until the advertising is paid for in full.

Yours truly,

Wemix Entertainment


  1. Send images with a clear description of the kind of advertising you want to pay for and for how long.
  2. Wemix will send you a response email within 24 hours letting you know how much you must pay.


  • All payments for Wemix advertising will be made via mobile money on the Airtel Number – 0704-951-669 – user name – Samuel Ogeda.
  • Send a text message to the number – 0704-951-669 after making the payment saying for example:

Pizza House Has Sent a Payment of 625,000 shs for Social Media Advertising for Four Weeks 

  • The images will go live within 24 hours of receiving the payment.
  • Make sure you send the required amount of money at once.
  • Our working days are Mondays – Fridays.
  • For images sent to us on Saturday, or Sunday, the response will be given on Monday.

After you have made the payment, you will receive the following email,

Dear [Name of organization/business/individual],

Your payment of [amount in figures] for [named of advertising offering paid for] has been received. Your adverts will run from [given date] to [give date] on the [ad slots you paid for]

Yours truly,

Wemix Entertainment


  • Do not make a payment for any advertising to Wemix before you have received a response email from us approving your artwork and informing you of how much you must pay for the duration you have chosen.
  • Do not send more money than what is listed; the mobile money withdrawal fee has been factored into the price.
  • When making a payment for a chosen type of advertising, make sure you pay the required amount in full.
  • We will not put up your ads if the full amount for a particular advert offering has not been paid.
  • We are not obliged to refund money sent to us that does not make the full amount for a chosen offering.
  • Do you best to make sure you send the correct amount of money the first time.