“I Prayed, Sought Council, Listened to Music and Spent Time with Good Friends to Keep Going,” says Dagg Mizzo

Dagg Mizzo released a single titled “Till Kingdom Come” on 3rd Jan 2018.

“I’m releasing a mixtape named Kingdom Come in March,” he says. “The mixtape’s initial name was Soul With It; it didn’t speak to me so I changed it.”

It took him the whole of 2017 to decide the direction he wanted the project to take.

“There was no initial direction; just a couple of beats I wanted to record to. I got intentional about the theme of the mixtape as the year went on. The mixtape is about the goodness of Christ and the struggles young Christians face.”

Dagg faced artist’s block and struggled with depression while working on the mixtape.

“My brother and I had a chat during one of those trying moments. He related my struggle to that of some famous rappers – they had a rough start but kept beating the odds. I learned a lot in the process. I felt like God was really listening. Sometimes we forget that God is involved in our lives.  

 I also prayed, sought council, listened to music and spent time with good friends to keep going.”  

| Dagg Mizzo – Till Kingdom Come | Download Here |

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