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Getting What You Want – JC Muyonjo

JC composed his new single, “No Love”, while at campus in 2013. He witnessed relationships that were based on material things one could gain. “Out of those observations I wrote “No Love”, says JC....


Abaasa – Watengula

“Wantengula” is a Luganda word that means “to ignite, spark, or start an idea.” In the context of the song, the protagonist speaks from the point of view of a heartbroken victim. The line,...

Album Review – Abaasa – Rukunjiri Mixtape 0

Album Review – Abaasa – Rukunjiri Mixtape

Rukunjiri is a fine R&B/Soul mixtape complemented beautifully by Jazz and Hip Hop influences. The smooth piano progressions and elaborate guitar licks that appear throughout this album are tasteful like the icing on a...

Abaasa – Run Away 0

Abaasa – Run Away

R&B/Soul musician Abaasa is back with Run Away, the second single off his highly anticipated mixtape: RUKUNGIRI that is being released on October 1st, 2015. The song starts with

Abaasa – Ntegyerize 0

Abaasa – Ntegyerize

We now somewhat have a sense of what Abaasa sounds like. Deviating from the almost boring musical clichés and Ugandan style of doing the R&B genre, the freshness of sound on this number is...

Ruyonga – Cross Fire  ft Ill Ceey and Sitenda (Prod by @AbaasaR) 0

Ruyonga – Cross Fire ft Ill Ceey and Sitenda (Prod by @AbaasaR)

Ruyonga is back this time teaming up with Hip Hop artist Ill Ceey from Zimbabwe, with extra help from Sitenda with her soulfull vocals. This track is laid back and rich of Gospel truths,...