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Sean C. Johnson – Save Me

R&B/Soul artist Sean C. Johnson release’s his latest single, Save Me. “In every failure there is a lesson to be learned and with every heartbreak there is a chance to draw closer to God....


Abaasa – Watengula

“Wantengula” is a Luganda word that means “to ignite, spark, or start an idea.” In the context of the song, the protagonist speaks from the point of view of a heartbroken victim. The line,...

Scanjoe – Ninkale 0

Scanjoe – Ninkale

Ninkale is a new hip-hop/R&B track by Scanjoe produced by Reverb.  | ScanJoe – Ninkale | Download Here |  Click below for more information about Scanjoe Facebook: ScanJoe Mwafulirwa Biography Scanjoe, born Joseph Mwafulirwa is a...

Samuel KABz – Jina Lako 0

Samuel KABz – Jina Lako

“Jina Lako is the fifth song from the upcoming album ‘Inspiration’ by Samuel KABz. It’s a heartfelt love song that combines RnB and a touch of Dancehall groove.

Abaasa – Run Away 0

Abaasa – Run Away

R&B/Soul musician Abaasa is back with Run Away, the second single off his highly anticipated mixtape: RUKUNGIRI that is being released on October 1st, 2015. The song starts with