The Wemix Party 2018 Concept – Phase 1 – Public


The Wemix Party is back. This time it’s going to be bigger and better.

A key attribute of this party is that it’s a games event.


Why is it a games event? Games help break barriers. Games unite people. Games enable people have a good time.

The gates for the event will open at 2 pm and the event will start officially at 3:30 pm with 3 hours of games ending at 6:30 pm.


So how are games going to be structured?

  • We are going to have four colors representing four teams:
  1. The Red Team
  2. The Blue Team
  3. The Yellow Team and
  4. The Green Team

The winning team will be awarded a prize then people can hang out for the rest of the evening.


The dance flow will open at 7 pm for an hour till 8 pm.

A hype man like [ ] will open the dance session.


Each team is going to be led by two artists who will be the team captains.

  • The team captains will be a male artist and a female artist.

The first action to be competed towards the staging of the event is to select a group of 4 male artists and 4 female artists to be team captains.

  • A group of 4 substitute artists is going to be selected.


Why select 4 substitute artists?

 4 substitute artists are going to be selected incase an artist from the select group pulls out of the event due to an emergency.

  • One of the substitute artists will replace the artist who pulls out.
  • We are making a provision of 4 substitute artists just in case 4 of the initial artists pulls out.
  • The substitute artist would headline the next Wemix Party


Criteria for selecting team captains (artists) for the event:

  1. Ideally the artists must have had their music featured on the Wemix site before.
  2. The artists must have recently been active in the music industry either performing at events of releasing music
  3. We must feel that the artists has a strong biblical foundation


Assignment One – duration 7 days:

The first piece of business is to agree on 4 male artists and 4 female artists for the Wemix event.

We also have to agree on 4 substitute artists for the event.

The artists the core team at Wemix has suggested are:


  1. Lagum
  2. 1 Der JR
  3. JC Muyonjo
  4. Ernest Rush
  5. Wake
  6. Barna


  1. Noisey
  2. Sonny Soweez

Substitute artists:

  1. Not yet agreed on them

This should be completed by Friday 20th October, 2017.


The Wemix Party 2018 Concept – Phase 1 – Public
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